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Forest of Fright


Ohio is known for its many haunted places, many of which are located in Muskingum County. But nothing could be as terrifying as the 50 acre farm located just off Duncan Run Road. Legends say there was a very wealthy couple that lived at the farm in the mid 1800’s. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan purchased the sprawling property and built a beautiful farm house on the hillside to raise their daughter, Kari. Kari suffered from mental illness and the Duncan's thought that if they kept her away from society it would save her from being ridiculed and tormented by the townspeople.

Mr. Duncan was a business man and traveled frequently, very often, Mrs. Duncan accompanied him on the long trips. Their daughter, Kari, was left in the care of the servants of the house. The servants, unable to cope with Kari’s fits of rage, would lock her in the basement. In order to keep her quiet they would bring her unsuspecting playmates from in town. She would torment them, drag them into the fields and set up playhouses and dismember the bodies.

Nobody is positive about what happened that night of the great blaze of Duncan Run Road on that 31st night of October. Rumors have said that the parents come home and found out what had been going on and burned the house to the ground with their daughter in it, others have said that the servants set fire in order to cover up what they had done. Nobody really knows the true story, but all that remains the hillside on Duncan Run Road are Kari’s basement playrooms and the elevator that led to the basement, which townspeople now call the Hellavator. Authorities discovered human remains and Kari was never found. Rumor has been told that, when night falls the terror begins and that you can actually hear the voice of Kari in the Forest.